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Tony Hain, Hain Global Consulting, Inc.  

Mr. Hain is currently the CEO of Hain Global Consulting, Inc.
As the lead consultant, he provides strategic guidance for CIO’s and architects about
insertion of new Internet technologies into their local networks.
His IETF participation since 1987 includes a term on the Internet Architecture Board
from 1997 through 2001, as well as co-chair of the working group developing IPv6 Transition
tools. Named an IPv6 Forum Fellow in 2004, he is currently serving as Technology Director
on the forum's North American IPv6 task force steering committee.

Prior experience includes 10 years at Cisco as Senior Technical Leader for IPv6
technologies, providing guidance to the various internal product teams;
and 5 years at Microsoft where his roles included Program Manager for IPv6,
as well as Network Analyst for the CIO's office.
Prior to Microsoft, he was the Associate Network Manager for
the U.S. Department of Energy's Internet effort, ESnet. With this range of
roles, spanning the space between the implementation technologists and
senior management, he brings a real world viewpoint to the deployment
decision process.

Current activities:

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